Boards are vital for any organization in today’s world. They either facilitate a company’s growth or act as a deterrent for further development.

The board plays an essential role in overseeing that the company’s long-term goals are on track and that the day-to-day functions are in accordance with the overall corporate policy. As one of the most trusted recruitment firms in Dubai, we work with leading Multinationals and Family Businesses across the globe to assist them in finding Independent and Non-Independent Directors.

Our board search process is rigorous. We consistently track movements across boards through our internal research team and global network to get you the desired candidates. From our pool of qualified and seasoned Directors, you can be assured to find the candidate with the right business acumen and ethos for your board. Our approach is custom-made to client needs, current industry status, and the opportunities within it. Through a process of in-depth conversations with directors, we prioritize objectives and recommend actions. In consulting with boards, we work as reliable advisors to support boards align their vision, improve efficiency, craft creative solutions, and develop strategies for best practices. We work with board members to share diverse thoughts and overcome their differences to achieve the best outcomes. Our deep understanding of human behavior enables us to work with members of all backgrounds and personality styles to unify people and improve productivity.

Many organizations today suffer from a mindset of a maintenance-driven approach within their Boards. The conversations tend to become mundane with little or impertinent solutions. We aim to enthuse your board with those who bring with them a plethora of ideas, relevant and diverse work experience, and buoyancy to make the difference.

Withing Board Consulting we help our clients identify leaders who are as unique as the organizations they are a part of. We take pride in building deep relationships with talented individuals in order to ultimately build winning teams at the Board. Our team of consultants has deep vertical experience in most industries.