Peergrowth Research
Chronicle™ (PRC)

At Peergrowth, we take pride in the fact that our research team is a bunch of individuals who gather market insights which are inceptive and exclusive to us.

We offer customized solutions to our valuable clients and understand that their needs are unique. We differentiate ourselves by our ability to foresee market conditions and knowing what our client may need to augment business. We do not wait for opportunities to be created. We plan ahead and work closely with our clients to find the perfect fit.

Intensive research is our strength and we love what we do. We look for creating benchmarks so that our clients value us as much as we value them.

What we offer to our clients through PRC:

  • Business Analysis Report- We want to know about your competitors as much as you do; so that we can give offer you bespoke solutions. Market intelligence reports are regularly created across industries to keep abreast of changing times.
  • Compensation Benchmarking Report - This helps our clients to understand where they stand vs the industry to help them review their current paygrades and structures.
  • Diversity study - While more and more organizations are attracting talent locally and globally, this gives you an understanding of where you stand on issues of Culture and Gender Diversity.
  • Employee Engagement Study - This reflects on initiatives and measures being taken by your competitors and the industry as a whole to attract & retain talent.