Soheib Souilah

Research Intern

Born in Algeria and raised in Dubai. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance (Hons), and Masters in finance and management. Soheib desires to take part in an organization that sets efficiency and effectivity as its core priority when aiming to lead change within its environment, he views the opportunity to work within the recruitment field to be a critical career step to develop the required skills and knowledge that aids in his adaptability and widen his future potential. As an Algerian, Soheib's love for football is innate and he has been practicing on a semi-professional level for 11 years. The game has taught him that challenges are triumphed through adequate planning, a harmonic team effort, and a strong soul and desire.

Education Qualification:

- BA Accounting and Finance (Hons).

- MA Finance and Management.

Senior Associate of Good Executive Search Firms in Dubai