Millie Durose

Associate Consultant

Millie is originally from England and has been in the UAE for the past 3 years. Millie has explored and gained experience across multiple industries over the years, she was formerly extensively interfacing with clients in the Real Estate and Healthcare industry. In Portsmouth, England, Millie earned her diploma in business and administration post which she went on to study further with a client-facing internship in Real Estate. Millie’s ability to create strong, trustworthy relationships comes naturally to her. She has been able to use this ability to ensure that she delivers consistently with highest professional integrity to all her clients. She believes that creating such relationships is a strong foundation for a growing business.

Outside of work, Millie enjoys diving into a good book and listening to podcasts. She also spends a lot of her time visiting different parts of the UAE and gets excited by exploring new places.

Education Qualification:

- Diploma in Business and Administration

Senior Associate of Good Executive Search Firms in Dubai